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Han Wenqiang




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Han Wenqiang  韩文强  was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province  China.


He studied at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.


Graduated with a Master's degree from the C.A.F.A. School of Architecture,


he began teaching there.



He created his own architectural firm: ARCHSTUDIO


His mission is to constantly innovate, to restore, to study in the smallest details


each project in order to create a space that is a means of communication


between people and the environment.



He was a member of the jury at the Architizer A+Awards


  Réalizations  selection

Tea House in hutong  - Han Wen qiang, Xiao Cong Zhao Yang


Restoration of five traditional houses into a Tea House with a space


for reading and another for a small restaurant




Great Wall Museum in Zibo

2014 - 2015

Restructuring of a former pharmaceutical factory into a museum


where the ancient and the modern are blended.


Waterside Buddhist Shrine


Located in the countryside of Hebei , Buddhist shrine hidden under a mound.



The Hill And The Cave -  Hillside Dwelling - Han Wenqiang, Song Huizhong


On the 28th floor of New Everbright Center, Tongzhou District Beijing.

  inovation of a new syle of Life.


  Awards  selection


Gold Award Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards

2015 / 2019

elected to the TOP 100 Talents in Architecture and Design


winner of the A+Awards   Architizer


Silver Award Architecture Renovation


Wood Design and Building Awards  


Vainqueur FA Emerging Architect


 Han Wenqiang  韩文强   -   Twisting Courtyard -  Beijing  -  ARCHSTUDIO  -  2018  -  photo Ning Wang

Han Wenqiang  韩文强  -  " Twisting Courtyard "  Beijing  -  ARCHSTUDIO  -  2018  -  photo Ning Wang



 40 ans de Design en Chine - héritage et innovation - Paris 06 2018 - invitationart

40 ans de Design en Chine - héritage et innovation - Paris 06 2018 - invitation



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