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Ding Wowo




Ding Wowo  丁沃沃  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Chairman of the Urban Committee of the Civil Engineering Society
Chairman of Jiangsu Architecture Committee



Ding Wowo  丁沃沃 was born in Nanjing, en China.



She entered the Nanjing Institute of Technology to study architecture.


( the current Southeast School of Architecture. )


She graduated with a Bachelor's degree ( 1982 ) and a Master's degree ( 1984 )



She continued her studies in Switzerland at the ETH- Zurich.



She was invited as an assistant professor at the School of Architecture of the ETH- Zurich.


She obtained a PhD from the Department of Architecture. ( 2001 )


Back in China, she was Professor and Director of thesis at the Institute of Architecture  


of the University of Nanjing, then Dean of the Nanjing School of Architecture and


Urban Planning.



She chaired the jury of the Holcim Awards ( for the Asia-Pacific region )


Her planning, architectural design, development, construction, reconstruction


and renovation projects, which are the subject of articles and books, have earned


her numerous awards.



Awards selection



First prize - Excellent Design Award.


Individual award for outstanding design of Nanjing city.


- Planning and design of the East and West markets of the Nanjing Confucius Temple.





Ministry of Education Award for Outstanding Architectural Design


-  Design of the Science and Technology Building of the Jiangsu Provincial Institute


of Jiangsu Province in Creative Design.



Second and Third Prize for Excellence in Architectural Design, Department of Education ,


Third Prize for Excellence in Architectural Design, Ministry of Construction


- Planning and design of Zhangjiagang Vocational Middle School of Jiangsu Province


in Creative Design



1st Prize of Excellent Study and Design of Jiangsu Urban and Rural Construction System


2nd Prize of Architectural Design of the Ministry of Construction


- Suzhou Chinese Garden Museum.



Designed by Ding Wowo  丁沃沃  the People’s Hall in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province - Photo  Ding Wowo



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