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Vice President and Chief Architect of the Institute for Architectural Design and Research



Cui Kai  崔恺  was born in Beijing, China.


He studied Architecture at Tianjin University.



After graduating from Tianjin University with a Master's degree, he joined the Institute


of Architectural Design and Research.



He set up his own architectural practice with 24 staff.



With his team, or in collaboration with other architects, he realized numerous projects,


including :


- The Beijing Museum in partnership with Frenchmen Jean-Marie Duthilleul and Etienne Tricaud


- The Yinxu Museum in Anyang, amidst the archaeological ruins of Yin, the last Shang




- The Beijing Observation Tower 258 m high, with Li Cundong and Zhao Wenbin.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.
  Daniele Sicard


Awards selection


Special award



Knight of the Order of Art

by the French Ministry of Culture


Lifetime Achievement Award



Named Academician

by the Chinese Academy of Engineering



Cui Kai  崔恺  -  Yinxu Museum - Anyang - Henan Province  2005


Cui Kai  崔恺  -  Yinxu Museum - Anyang - Henan Province  2005



Cui Kai

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