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Arnold Chang




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Arnold Chang  张洪  pinyin Zhang Hong


Arnold Chang  张洪 was born in New York  United States.


His family was from Jiashan, Zhejiang Province  China.


Attracted by painting and calligraphy at a very young age, his father


made him take lessons with Wang Jiyuan 王濟遠..


He studied one year, in Taiwan, landscape painting with Guo Yanqiao  郭燕嶠


then joined the University of Colorado where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts.


He entered the University of California at Berkeley and studied Art History


under the direction of James Cahill.


He met Chi Ch'ien Wang 王己千 ( 1907 - 2003 ), an artist and collector known


as C.C.Wang .


He followed him to New York and they painted together.



He worked for Sotheby's New York Auction House for fifteen years


and then as a specialist in Chinese painting at  Kaikodo, before devoting


himself entirely to his landscape paintings in ink


Danièle Sicard



Collections  selection


United Kingdom

British Museum London

United States

Art Institute Chicago

County Museum of Art LACMA

Los Angeles
Art Institute Minneapolis
Brooklin Museum New York
Metropolitan Museum New York




  exhibitions  selection


A century in crisis - Modernity and Tradition in the Art of twentieth-century China

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao  United States


Outside-In Musée de l'Universté de Princeton   United States


Fresh Ink - Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition  Musée des Beaux-Arts Boston  United States


From 2 Arises 3  - Arnold Chang and Michael Chemey Asian Art Museum San Francisco


United States


15.07 07.02 Chinese Landscape - Arnold Chang - Michael Chemey Cleveland Art Museum


United States


26.08 2017 04 07 2019 Streams and Mountains withour End - Landscape Traditions of China

Metropolitan Museum New York  United States



  Arnold Chang  张洪    -  Spring Landscape  -  Ink and color on paper  -  2014

Arnold Chang  张洪  -  Spring Landscape  -  Ink and color on paper  -  2014    



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