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Zhu Rui




 Zhu Rui  朱锐  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


ember of the Chinese Printmakers Association
of the Yunnan branch of the Chinese Artists Associationn


Zhu Rui  朱锐 was born in Simao, in the South of Yunnan Province, in China.



He graduated from the Art Department, of Yuxi Normal School of Yunnan Province.




He continued his printmaking studies at the C.A.F.A. ( China Academy of Fine Arts )

He is known for his wood block printmakings oil-based thick ink , which are inspired by


by the folk Art of the many ethnic minorities of Southern Yunnan Province, and also for


his photographs published in magazines such as : Chinese National Geography.



Collections  selection


Guangdong Art Museum  China


Yunnan Art Museum  China


Shenzhou Print Museum of Sichuan Province  China


  He lives and works in Yunnan, China.
  Daniele Sicard




Zhu Rui  朱锐  -  impression de Dongchuan  东川印象  -  2006


Zhu Rui  朱锐  -  impression de Dongchuan  东川印象  -  2006  



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