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Zhou Zunsheng




Zhou Zunsheng  周尊圣  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Member of the Chinese artists Association

Member of the Heilongjiang Artists Association..


Zhou Zunsheng  周尊圣  was born in Linkou Xian, Heilongjiang Province  China.




He studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China under Zhi Xue.



He studied the ancient Silk Road, went to the mountains of the hinterland, and in the desert


because he begins to take an interest in the Tianshan landscape, the origin of his own style


of painting.


He is a professor at the Xinjiang Normal University ( master's tutor )


and at the Training Center of the Chinese artists Association.

  Daniele Sicard


Zhou Zunsheng  周尊圣 - 作品

 Zhou Zunsheng  周尊圣  -  作品


Zhou Zunsheng  周尊圣 - 作品

 Zhou Zunsheng  周尊圣  -  作品



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