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Zhang Suojia




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Zhang Suojia  张所家  was born on December, in Shandong Province  China.




He entered for two years of studies, at the School of Art of the Shandong Light Industry.




He joined The Academy of Fine Arts of Zhejiang and prepared a bachelor's degree.



1988 / 2002

He created The Great Wall Enterprise Research Institute and directed it .



18.12  Opening of the contemporary Glass Art Center of the school of Design.



He was appointed Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. ( C.A.F.A. ) Beijing.

He is responsible for Research and Teaching at the School of  Design. ( studio 12 )

  Danièle Sicard


Zhang Suojia  张所家



The Art center was initiated by Studio 12 of the Design School,CAFA to build a workshop for


teaching  practices. It advocates the diversified practice of contemporary glass art with an open


international perspective, gradually promoting the in-depth studies of materials and workmanship


while arousing thoughts on the relationship between the characteristics of materials and concepts.




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