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Zhang Chunting




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Member of the Chinese peasants'calligraphy and painting research institute
eputy Director of the Lijiang Shigu Calligraphy and Painting Association



Zhang Chunting was born in Zhuyuan Village, at the first curve of the Yangze River..


Self-taught artist, he painted the people and the customs of his village.

  He won twice The Excellent Prize :


with Vying at a peasant's Calligraphy and Painting exhibition


with Choosing an Auspicious Day to change Name  at the First Chinese Peasant's Calligraphy


and painting exhibition.

  He participated in several murals :


Mural of the Diqing Airport in Shangri-La


Painting Scenes for the International Naxi Dongba Culture and Art Festival


The Mural Painting of the 3rd Kingdom of Jade Dragon and Odd to Fertile Land.



C.C.TV shot a documentary about him and his works : Zhang Chunting and Gallery in Shigu


Danièle Sicard


© Zhang Chunting  张春亭



© Zhang Chunting  张春亭   

张春亭作品  Paintings by Zhang Chunting



Prefaced by  :  Zhao Qi

9 1999


Catalogue 18,7 cm x 21 cm

  in chinese in english  

24 p


isbn  :  7 80024 432 6



© Zhang Chunting  张春亭


© Zhang Chunting  张春亭



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