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Zeng Sankai




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Member of the calligraphy and engraving committee for youth.
Researcher at the Institute of Creation in Chinese Painting, Arts Development Centre



Zeng Sankai  曾三凯 was born in  Quanzhou, Fujian Province  China.


He studied at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou.


He obtained a Bachelor's degree ( 1998 ) and a Master's degree in landscape painting  


(Shanshui ).


He continued his studies at the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts. Beijing.


He obtained a doctorate in Chinese painting.


He is Professor of Chinese painting at the Institute of Arts of China in Beijing.


He is the author of a dozen essays and monographs.


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  exhibitions  selection


26.01 17.02   Gallery-bookstore Impressions Paris  France


24.01 15.02   Dynasties Chine Angers  France



Zeng Sankai  曾三凯

Zeng Sankai  曾三凯  -  Chanson du sud  -  江南曲  -  14  -  绢本 2017年


 Zeng Sankai  曾三凯

Zeng Sankai  曾三凯  -  Chanson du sud  -  江南曲  -  8  -  绢本 2017年


 Zeng Sankai  曾三凯  





Douce chaleur de la distance


Exposition des oeuvres de Zeng Sankai


主编 : Isabelle Baticle


catalogue in french and in chinese


28,5 cm x 21 cm


44 p




Michel Nau and Zeng Sankai 曾三凯

Michel Nau and Zeng Sankai  曾三凯



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