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Yuan Yunfu




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Member of the 9th CPPCC National Committee
Director of The Chinese Artists Association
Deputy-Director of The Mural Art Committee



Yuan Yunfu  袁运甫  ( 1933-2017 ) was born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, in China.

  He is the brother of Yuan Yunsheng ( 1937 )


He studied Oil Painting, at the National Institute of Art, in Hangzhou.


( current China Academy of Art )


He graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts.




He joined The Central Academy of Arts and Crafts..




He devoted himself to the development of Public Art in China.

He created the first large mural paintings for :


- Capital International Airport ( 1979 ) - 7 paintings including Mountains and Waters of Sichuan


- Jianguomen subway station in Beijing ( 1986 ) -  3000 ceramic tiles, retracing the history


of astronomy in China.


- Palace of the People's Assembly - a landscape Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River



He worked as a professor, doctoral supervisor in Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua





He succumbed to disease, on December 13, in Beijing, at the age of 84 years. 

  Daniele Sicard

  exhibitions  selection


12.05 25.05 Ink and Color Paintings by Yuan Yunfu  The Palace Museum  Beijing  China

2015  National Museum of China  Beijing  China


16.08 07.10  Bright Glory – The Aesthetics of Yuan Yunfu  Tsinghua University Museum  China



Yuan Yunfu  袁运甫 -  Banana garden  香蕉园  -  1978

Yuan Yunfu  袁运甫  -  Banana garden  香蕉园  -  1978  


Yuan Yunfu  袁运甫  - 巴山蜀水 - 1979

Yuan Yunfu  袁运甫  -  巴山蜀水  -  1979




Yuan Yunfu 袁运甫 and Wu Guanzhong 吴冠中

 Yuan Yunfu 袁运甫 and Wu Guanzhong 吴冠中



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