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Yaping Zhang




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Yaping Zhang  张亚萍  pinyin Zhang Yaping

  Yaping Zhang was born in Inner Mongolia, China.

After studying at the University of Beijing, ( Design and interior decoration department ),


she went to France to continue training at the School of Visual communication E.F.E.T.  


in Paris, then at the Iris Professional training Centre dedicated to photography.


As a professional photographer, she took part in exhibitions in Frankfurt and Paris.


Danièle Sicard


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Yaping Zhang  张亚萍  -  Pigeon-statue  2  -  鸽子与雕像  2  -  2006  


©  Yaping Zhang  张亚萍  


SPA  Spain


Yaping Zhang  张亚萍


  catalogue en français, anglais, chinois  

28,5 cm x 21 cm


110 p


isbn : 9788489131446


isbn : 8489131449



©  Yaping Zhang  张亚萍

Yaping Zhang  张亚萍  -  Knives and forks  -  刀和叉  -  2004



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