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Yang Xiaoyang




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President of the National Academy of Painting of China.

ce President of the national Association of Chinese artists
Member of the National Council of the National Federation of the Arts


Yang Xiaoyang was born in December in Shaanxi Province, China.




He entered the Xi'an Conservatory of Fine Arts ( painting department ).



He cotinued a Master's degree.



He was appointed Associate Professor.



The Central Television broadcasted a special interview dedicated to him.



He donated 100 pieces of pottery, from his personal collection, to the National Museum


of China.


International sketch Triennial Prize  Nuremberg, Germany.


Gold Cup award at the International Painting and calligraphy exhibition.


The Silk Road is permanently exhibited in the Great Wall Museum, Badaling, Beijing.


The genius of the Zhongnan Mountain  is exhibited at the headquarters of the Chinese


government in Zhongnanhai.

  exhibitions  selection


31.05 08.05  Up Dating  Wall Gallery  Beijing  Chine


11.07 19.07  Creative Cites Collection Fine Arts  National Art Museum of China  Beijing  China


18.06 28.06  Le Beau à caractère universel  Cultural Centre of China  Paris France


18.07 28.07  Le Beau à caractère universel  Fine Arts Museum  Qingyang  China


Danièle Sicard


© Yang Xiaoyang  杨晓阳 -  Série de portraits à l'encre N°5


© Yang Xiaoyang  杨晓阳  -  Série de portraits à l'encre N°5  


© Yang Xiaoyang  杨晓阳 - Le Beau à caractère universel catalogue  

大美无界  -  中法美术家交流对话展


Le Beau à caractère universel


Dialogue entre des artistes chinois et français


中国庆阳  -  法国巴黎


Qingyang Chine  -  Paris France


preface  Yin Fu


Calalogue de l'exposition


18.06 28.06 2015 Centre Culturel de Chine  Paris


18.07 28.07 2015 Musée des Beaux Arts  Qingyang


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© Yang Xiaoyang  杨晓阳   -  Série de portraits à l'encre N°8

© Yang Xiaoyang  杨晓阳  -  Série de portraits à l'encre N°8



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