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Yang Jianchuan




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Vice President of the National Association of Industrial Photography of China
Member of the Art Photography Committee of the National Association of Photographers of China
Member of the National Council of Studies on Fine Art Photography of China
Director of the Institute of Photographic Art of the Art Academy of China


Yang Jianchuan was born in Chongqing Province.


His family is from Linfen, Shanxi Province.



He tested the new photography products of the Chengdu factory. 



He photographed many landscapes that were published in various magazines


and newspapers.



He was recognized as an excellent Chinese photographer.



He worked on photography of large landscapes.



He exhibited his landscapes during the Lianzhou Photography Festival.



He reintroduced the black and white tone in his photographs.



This is the year of awards. He obtained:  


The 24 th State Excellence Award with East Female Country Legends. 


The Best Decor Award, in Pingyao, with Inherent Qualities of Landscape, and is named


Outstanding Photographer.


Also, the Gold Medal with Dream of Kunqu Opera in Bamboo Garden, and the Bronze Medal


with Inherent Qualities of Landscapes.



Publication of Yang Jianchuan's Photo Album : Inherent Qualities of Landscapes by China


Photography Publishing House.



He got the highest award in China, at the national level.


Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


13.10 25.10 Photograph by Yang Jianchuan - Shijitan Contemporary Art Center Shanghai




29.05 17.06 Melody of Kunqu Opera  Festival Photographie Auckland  New Zealand.


04.01 30.01 Photograph of Yang Jianchuan Cultural Center of China Paris  France



Yang Jianchuan  杨建川


With a history of more than 600 years, Kunqu Opera is known as the “mother of Chinese dramas”,


and considered an “orchid” in this field.In Chinese culture, “orchid” is recognized as elegant, neat,


and clean; together with plumlower, bamboo, and chrysanthemum, they represent Chinese people’s


interpretation on traditional “culture of elegancy.


Yang Jianchuan

Yang Jianchuan  杨建川


Yang Jianchuan  杨建川



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