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Xie Zhiliu




Xie Zhiliu  谢稚柳  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Xie Zhiliu  谢稚柳 ( 1910-1997 ) was born in Changzhou, in Jiangsu Province, China.



In his early childhood, he is learning History, poetry, painting.


He became close friend of de Zhang Daqian ( 1899-1983 ) and the two discussed


their individual approaches of Art and their methodology.



He went to join him in the Mogao Caves, in Dunhuang, to study and copy Buddhist


wall paintings.


On his return, he writed  and published several books :


Records of Dunhuang Art and Compilation of Dunhuang Cave Art.



He taught Art at the National Central University in Nanjing, then he exiled
  to Chongqing.

Exhibitions in Xian, Shanghai, Kunming, Chengdu, and Chongqing.



He was appointed Professor in Shanghai Academy.

1983 / 1990

Known for his variety of classical styles, he was commissionned by State Council


to appraise 70000 works of Chinese painting and calligraphy from 207 institutions.



He donated many artworks to his hometown Changzhou which opened the Xie Ziliu


Art Gallery, in Changzhou Museum.

  On June 1st, he passed away, at the age of 87.

To commemorate his 100th Birthday, The Shanghai Art Museum  China, and


the Metropolitan of New York  United States, hold an exhibition :



19.9 25.10   From Tradition to Modernity -  Painting and Calligraphy by Xie Zhiliou


 Shanghai Museum  Shanghai  Chine



06.02 12.07  Mastering the Art of Chinese Painting  -  Xie Zhiliu (1910-1997)  


The Metropolitan  Museum of Art  New York  États-Unis


Married to the painter Chen Peiqiu ( 1922-1997 ), their great collaboration, made


famous their couple, in the field of Chinese Art.



In homage to their couple, the municipality of Shanghai dedicated to them the new


Museum in Nanhui New City, Pudong : Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu Museum.


Danièle Sicard


Xie Zhiliu  谢稚柳  -  Painting

Xie Zhiliu 谢稚柳  -  Painting


Xie Zhiliu  谢稚柳  -  Heads - ink on paper  ~1943 detail  © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Xie Zhiliu  谢稚柳  -  Heads
  ink on paper  ~1943 detail  © The Metropolitan Museum of Art  


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