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Wang Li




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Wang Li was born in Chun'an, in Zhejiang Province, China.



He graduated from the Hangzhou Institute of Fine Arts


( painting with wash department )



He did a calligraphy internship for one year and then resumed his studies.



After his master's degree he pursued a doctorate under Wu Shanming 吴山明


and Fan Jingzhong 范景中he became assistant Professor at the Hangzhou Institute  


of Fine Arts.


He is the author of several monographs.


exhibitions in France


26.01 17.02   Gallery-bookstore Impressions  Paris


24.01 15.02   Dynasties Chine  Angers


Danièle Sicard


© Wang Li  王犁



© Wang Li  王犁  





Douce chaleur de la distance


Exposition des oeuvres de Wang Li


主编 : Isabelle Baticle

  catalogue in french  in chinese  

28,5 cm x 21 cm


44 p

© Wang Li  王犁 - A Desk for Painting and More for Writing  

A Desk for Painting and More for Writing

Guangxi Fine Arts


Li Wang

05 2012


translation : Mei Li


prefaced by  :  Lianggui Wang


catalogue 21 cm x13,5 cm


in english


176 p


isbn  :  978 7 5494 0520 6 / 1 . 38

© Wang Li  王犁 Works of Wang Li  

Works of Wang Li

Guangxi Fine Arts


Hardness Beneath Softness

11 2013


foreword  Ding Shan


texts  :  Wu Xiaoyan, Xie Rui


catalogue  26,5 cm x 23 cm

  in chinese in english  

106 p


isbn  :  978 7 5494 0970 9/J . 2004



© Wang Li  王犁


Wang Li and Michel Nau

Wang Li and Michel Nau



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