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Sun Yanchu




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Sun Yanchu  孙彦初  was born in  Zhoukou, Henan Province, in China.


Photographer, his first series were about loneliness, intimacy, his obsessions :


Indulge in this ( 2004-2011 )  Color ( 2006 - 2016 )  Obsessed ( 2011 )


Then he started experimenting the image, modifying his own prints and looking for


in flea markets old photos, to give them a new life, a new story, by adding paint to water,


or acrylic paint, gold leaf and even soy sauce, as in his series Ficciones.


Jiazazhi Press published Obsessed  ( 2011 ) and Ficciones  (  2016 ) 



He was one of 10 Chinese artists selected by five curators and exhibitors for the 2017


Jimei x Arles Discovery Award.


Guo Yingguang and Jiang Yuxin ( by He  ) - Shao Wenhuan and Yu Mo ( by Liu Tian )


Deng Yun and the real (  by Nie Xiaoyi  ) - Yu Feifei and Siu Wai Hang ( par Tang Zehui ) 


Feng Li and Sun Yanchu ( by Thomas Sauvin );


He lives and works in  Zhengzhou, Henan Province  China.


Danièle Sicard



Awards  selection



Special Award


Mio Awards  Morimura  Japan


New Photography Award


Lianzhou International Photography Annual


Gucang Dummy Award


Martin Parr Edition Lianzhou


  exhibitions  selection


Still Obsessed  Solo exhibition  C5Art   Beijing  China


Lianzhou Foto 2013  Lianzhou  China


13.12 05.01  Obsessed  Solo exhibition  Beijing Art Now Gallrey  Beijing  China


06.09 30.11  A story of Photography in China  Photography Centre  Shanghai  China


Chinese Photography Twentieth Century and beyond  Three Shadows Photography Art Centre


Beijing  China


Art Basel  Hong Kong  China


25.11 03.01 Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival   Jimei Citizen Center  Xiamen  China





Sun Yanchu  孙彦初   -  From the series Ficciones

Sun Yanchu  孙彦初  -  From the series Ficciones


 Sun Yanchu  孙彦初   -  From the series Ficciones

Sun Yanchu  孙彦初  -  From the series Ficciones


Sun Yanchu  孙彦初   -  S'enfoncer dans çà

Sun Yanchu  孙彦初  -  S'enfoncer dans çà


 Sun Yanchu  孙彦初   -  Even us, Even me  

Sun Yanchu  孙彦初


Even us, Even me


25,5 x 18,5 cm




publisher  :  La Maison De Z  03.2019


isbn  :  978 2 9564071 2 6  



Obsessed  沉溺  -  Sun Yanchu Solo Exhibition  孙彦初的摄影 - 13.12 2014 05.01 2015  Beijing Art Now Gallery  Beijing - poster

Obsessed  沉溺  -  
Sun Yanchu Solo Exhibition  孙彦初的摄影
13.12 2014 05.01 2015  Beijing Art Now Gallery  Beijing



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