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Shalafy  裴宇  pinyin Pei Yu


Shalafy was born on September 3, in ChangChun, Jilin Province, in China.


He moved to study in France at the School of Art and Design of the Academy


of Fine Arts in Le Havre.


He obtained his DNAP ( National Diploma in Plastic Arts ) and his DNSEP ( National


Postgraduate degree in Plastic Arts  ).


Artist, videographer, director of a screening room, he diffuses films Series B.



  exhibitions  selection


Video 4'33 Selected at the First Microfilm Festival of Asian Students


San Francisco  United States.


23.10 30.10  Encor + Fort Gallery of ESADHAR  


15.01 21.02 Désirs d'Ici, Amours de Chine  Area Gallery  Paris  France



He lives and works in Paris, France.


Danièle Sicard


© Shalafy  裴宇   -  Painting t

Shalafy  裴宇  -  Painting



Pei Yu Shalafy   




© Shalafy  裴宇   portrait  -  chinesenewart

Shalafy  裴宇  -  Anshun aircraft 26  -  07.2016  Shanghai


© Shalafy  裴宇   - Anshun aircraft 26  -  07.2016  Shanghai

Shalafy  裴宇  -  Anshun aircraft 26  -  07.2016  Shanghai  



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