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Ren Weiyin




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Ren Weiyin ( 1918-1994 ) was born on May 19 in Kunming, Yunnan Province,

Orphan of mother, very young, then of father, he was raised by his uncle.


He studied at Xinhua Art College, under the guidance of Pan Tianshou, Zhu Lezhi

  and  Huang Binhong.

He continued his studies at the Shanghai Institute of Painting Research.


After graduating, he left Shanghai for labor services in the Nachang countryside,


Jiangxi Province.



He joined the army, and became the military correspondent and editor of the

  military newpaper.


Sick, he retired from the army and went to Kunming where he taught in different


etablishments, then in Chongqing, at the Southwest and National Art College.

For two years, he was the editor of the travel journal, of the affiliated Bank-China
travel agency, in Shanghai.

  After the liberation of Shanghai, he created an Art Studio with many students.


Suspected as a capitalist, he was forced to close his studio and relocated


with his family, in a forced labor camp in Yumen, Gansu Province.


Famine occurring, they escaped back to Shanghai. He made a living, repairing



He was employed at the Shanghai Culture and History Institution.


Sign of political rehabilitation, an exhibition was dedicated to him.



Invited in an exhibition in Guangdong, his work was selected for the First National


Oil Painting exhibition and in the New York Chinese Art Festival.



The Shanghai Museum organized an exhibition with 14 Paintings.


He was invited to the United States by the Washington Audio-Visual Center..


He hold exhibitions in several New York galleries.



He passed away at the age of 74 years.

Danièle Sicard

  Exhibitions  selection


solo exhibition in Nanchang and Qingnianui


solo exhibition  the Shanghai Culture and History Institution  Shanghai  China


solo exhibition  ( 14 paintings )  Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai  China


23.04 Great Retrospective  Shanghai Art Museum  Shanghai  China



© Ren Weiyin  任微音 -  Shanghai  -  Painting

© Ren Weiyin  任微音  -  Shanghai  -  Painting



Ren Weiyin




© Ren Weiyin  任微音 -  Shanghai  -  Painting

©  Ren Weiyin  任微音  -  Shanghai -  Painting



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