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Rao Pingru




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Rao Pingru  饶平如 was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in Southeastern China.



He joined the National Revolutionary Army.




He married Meitang.


He was sent to rehabilitation in the countryside, Anhui Province.



Rehabilitated, he was an editor in a medical journal.


On the death of his wife, who was very affected, he decided to write down in words


and drawings, all their memories in common, to make the past known to his children


and grandchildren. These albums classified by year, which were intended for the family


circle will soon make around China, because one of his granddaughters posted one


of his watercolors on Weibo, the Chinese twiter. A Chinese publisher then asked him


to make a book out of it.


He lives in the apartment of one of his sons in the suburbs of Shanghai.


Danièle Sicard


  OUR STORY Pingru and Meitang

From his early childhood to his marriage, his involvement in the army,  his twenty years


of re-education which separated him from his wife who had to raise their children alone


to Meitang illness, and her death, he tells their story, which is both tender and serious,


with a sense of detail and anecdote, showing the importance of everyday life and




His text is embellished with simple drawings in ink and watercolour, whose freshness


delights us.



Worldwide release



China ( more than 200 000 copies )


France 19.01  at éditions du Seuil  


Then Spain, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Korea and the United Kingdom


the United States at Pantheon Book Pantheon Books.



26.09 29.09  International meetings of the Angoulême Comics Festival : 44th edition


Rao Pingru is the guest of honor.



Rao Pingru 饶平如  -  Maman nous aide à assembler une lanterne-lion

 Rao Pingru  饶平如  -  Mom's helping us put together a lantern-lion


Rao Pingru  饶平如  -  Excellent spring onion pancakes

Rao Pingru  饶平如  -  
Excellent spring onion pancakes


 Rao Pingru  饶平如 -  We often went to Hubin Park to get fresh air

Rao Pingru  饶平如  -
We often went to Hubin Park to get fresh air


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Rao Pingru




12.01 2017





Pingru et Meitang


Translated from chinese :  François Dubois


360 p


isbn  :  2021332861  



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