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Qin Yifeng




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Qin Yifeng was born in Shanghai, China.


He graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Arts and Crafts.



He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University.



He searched for his own style of abstraction that appears in his Line Field series. .

  He lives and works in Shanghai, China.
  Daniele Sicard
  Exhibitions  selection


Qin Yifengs's Line Field Art Works  Solo exhibition Eastlink Gallery Shanghai  Chine


16.02 23.02  Qin Yifeng  Solo exhibition  Shanghai Eastlink Gallery Shanghai  Chine


1rst International Biennial of Art  Beijing  China


10 th Chinese Art exhibition   Beijing  China


17.10 30.11  Round And Square-austere Style Furniture Of Ming Dynasty Solo exhibition


Am Art Space  Shanghai  China


28.05 02.07  Line & Field  Solo exhibition  Mind Set Art Center  Taipei Taiwan


02.09 03.12 Qin Yifeng works Solo exhibition  Yuz  Museum Shanghai  China


Danièle Sicard


© Qin Yifeng  秦一峰    -  Line Field  -  Oil painting  -  2007

Qin Yifeng  秦一峰  -  Line Field  -  Oil painting  -  2007




© Qin Yifeng  秦一峰  Qin Yifeng's Works - 02.09 03.12 2017  Yuz Museum  Shanghai - poster

秦一峰展  Qin Yifeng's Works
02.09 03.12 2017  Yuz Museum  Shanghai



© Qin Yifeng  秦一峰   -  Line Field  -  Oil painting  -  2009

Qin Yifeng  秦一峰  -  Line Field  -  Oil painting  -  2009  


Qin Yifeng is one of the first wave of Shanghai abstract artists


with Shen Fan, Ding Yi, Chen Qiang, Qiu Deshu and others.


He is obsessed with the straight line and the curved line cross.


By repeating patterns, he attains a state on non being, of


Taoist non action; painting for him is a practice akin to


meditation and helps reach another level of consciousness.


In his new photographic works based on his research on Ming


dynasty furniture, he attempts to create a photographic print


resembling an abstract painting in sahdes of grey. He only


uses natural light and photographs at different times each day


so that the light hits the surface of the wood.The surface is


perfect, smooth, there is no perspective, it is quintessially




In 1993 he had developed his own personal style of abstraction


and this resulted in the series ”Line-field”.


By 1998 most of his works were more compact and colourful,


often very bright.


By 2002 , he created a background between the lines, applying


in at least  4 thin layers of color.


The continuous research he has done on "Space and Light"


make him an incredibly important artist of his generation.


Qin Yifeng’s "Line Series”, like bamboo or plum blossom


branches seems to derive from the abstraction of ink painting-


taking this form ink to oil painting and rendering the medium of


oil, intensely Chinese.

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