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Pei-Lin Cheng




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Pei-Lin Cheng 鄭佩齡  pinyin Zheng Peiling


Pei-Lin Cheng  鄭佩齡 was born in Taiwan.



She moved to study in France and joined the Regional School of Fine Arts in Dunkirk.



She obtained her D.N.S.E.P. ( Higher National Diploma of Plastic Art Expression )


Multidisciplinary artist, video artist and visual artist, she uses in her works presented


in the form of installations, many materials : fabrics, newspapers, old photographs


that she cuts, tears, assembles, sews, combines, to create a new medium filled of poetry.

  She lives and works in Reims  France.
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Pei-Lin Cheng




© Pei-Lin Cheng 鄭佩齡  -  Work ( detail )  -  2017

Pei-Lin Cheng  郑佩龄  -  Work ( detail )  -  2017



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