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Pai Tsung-Jen




Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁 pinyin Bai Zongren

President of the Institute of Ink Painting

Secretary General of the Chinese Painting Academy
Member of the Chinese Painting Society

Member of the International Association of Research on Painting and Calligraphy of China



Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁 was born in Taichung  Taïwan.



He graduated from the University of Chinese Culture inTaiwan.


( Fine Arts department  )


He continued his studies in United-States and obtained a Master's degree in Art


from the University of Fontbonne - Saint Louis  United States.



He obtained his Ph.D. from the C.A.F.A. Beijing.


Associate professor, he actively participates in cultural and artistic exchanges


between China and Taiwan.

  Daniele Sicard

  exhibitions  selection

10th National Art Exhibition  China


11th National Art Exhibition  China


12th National Art Exhibition  China


Shanghai China Art Museum  China


Guangdong Art Museum  China


National Museum of Art of China Beijing  China


Shanghai World Expo Shanghai  China


Kaiping Art Museum  China


National Memorial  Taipei  Taiwan


12.12  01.01 Ink and brush Solo exhibition  Taipei  Taiwan



Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁  -  激流  -  ink on paper  -  2017

Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁  -  激流  -  ink on paper  -  2017  


Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁  - 微茫  -  ink on paper  -  2016

Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁  -  微茫  -  ink on paper  -  2016



Pai Tsung-Jen  白宗仁  - 筆墨之流變  - 白宗仁水墨創作展 - Ink and brush  -  Pai Tsung-Jen solo exhibition 12.12 2018  01.01 2019  Taipei poster

筆墨之流變  -  白宗仁水墨創作展
Ink and brush  -  Pai Tsung-Jen solo exhibition
12.12 2018  01.01 2019  Taipei



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