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Ning Kong




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Ning Kong  孔宁 pinyin Kong Ning


Ning Kong was born on August  29, Heliongiang province, China.

She studied law and became a prosecutor and then a lawyer.



She abandoned her profession to become an artist.


She devoted herself to oil painting and poetry.

  Solo exhibition


21.03 05 05  血性与狂想  -  Bloodiness & Fantasy Cipa Gallery  Beijing  China


To better educate people about environmental protection, she turned to installations


and performances.




She appeared in a wedding dress, symbol of her love of the earth :


 - decorated with 999 anti-pollution masks, Beijing, ( 2015 )


 - studded with 1000 white plastic eggs  ( 2016 )


 - with a long train of orange horns, Beijing ( 2016 ) Times Square et Memorial City,


New York, ( 2016 )


 - made with blue plastic bags, biodegradable, Athènes, Grèce ( 2017 )


 - composed of a thousand eyes, on the esplanade of the Pompidou Center, and in front


of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France  ( 2017 )


She lives and works in Beijing  China.


Danièle Sicard



Ning Kong  孔宁

Kong Ning wears a costume symbolizing a butterfly during her performance art at the Great Wall
on the first day of the 2015 new year. 2015.   


 Ning Kong  孔宁


 Ning Kong  孔宁

Ning Kong  孔宁 - Kong Ning lies on one of her paintings



 Ning Kong  孔宁

血性与狂想  -  Bloodiness & Fantasy  -  孔宁  -  Ning Kong
21.03 05 05 2015  Cipa Gallery  Beijing  -  poster



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