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Li Xiangyang




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President of the Shanghai Artists Association
Dean of the Shanghai Academy of Visual Arts


Li Xiangyang  李向阳  was born in October, in Shanghai, China.




He joined the People's Liberation Army.


He was a scenographer in the artistic troupe of the Air force of Jinan



He was transferred to Shanghai, to the propaganda and culture office of the departement.


His propaganda drawings, but also his watercolors and his oil paintings made him known.



He graduated from the College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University.


After the army, he was Executive Director of the Shanghai Art Museum, and Dean


of the Shanghai Institute of Oil Painting and Sculpture.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard


  Exhibitions  selection

He participated in collective exhibition :


18.04 16.05 Shanghai - Paris Cultural Centrel of China  Paris




© Li Xiangyang  李向阳 -  Rêve du retour en Méditerranée  -  Oil on canvas  -  2007

©  Li Xiangyang  李向阳  -  Rêve du retour en Méditerranée  -  Oil on canvas  -  2007



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