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Liu Shangying




Liu Shangying  刘商英  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Associate Professor and Vice-Dean of the C.A.F.A..


Liu Shangying  刘商英 was born in Kunming, Yunnan Province  China.



He graduated from High School attached to the C.A.F.A.




He obtained a Bachelor in Art from Studio 2 of the C.A.F.A. ( oil painting department) )




He graduated with a Master from Studio 3 of the C.A.F.A. ( oil painting department )


He traveled to the Ejin Banner, in Inner Mongolia and in Tibet to Ali, in order to better


be able to interact with nature. He brough back his series painted on the spot :


Lake Manasarovar -  Desert Poplars and the Sand - Myriad visions Rise from the void.



On 02.09.the artist donatesd his work Desert Poplars and the Sand N°106, to the Maeght


Foundation, Saint-Paul-de-Vence  France.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard


  Solo exhibitions  selection


Fleeting  Inside-Out Art Museum Beijing  China


Myriad visions Rise from the void  National Art Museum of China  Beijing  China


Blue Mountains Loons into the Town  Changshu Art Museum  China


21.10 05.11  Living Natures  Hong Cheng Relic - Ejina Banner - Alashan League


Inner Mongolia.


17.03 12.04  Wandering  Bridge Gallery Beijing  China



Liu Shangying  刘商英 - painting

Liu Shangying  刘商英  -  Painting


Liu Shangying  刘商英 - painting

 Liu Shangying  刘商英  -  Painting


Liu Shangying  刘商英  - Desert Poplars and the Sand  - 胡杨与沙

Liu Shangying  刘商英  -  Desert Poplars and the Sand  -  胡杨与沙  


video from Art China, an influential art magazine & website in China.

It has made an English version of TV  report on Mr. LIU's exhibiton.


  穿行  Wandering  -   刘商英 Liu Shangying  17.03 12.04 2018  Bridge Gallery  Beijingposter

穿行  Wandering  -  刘商英  Liu Shangying
17.03 12.04 2018  Bridge Gallery  Beijing



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