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Li Shaoyan




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Chairman of the Sichuan artists Association
Vice-Director of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts



Li Shaoyan  李少言 ( 1918-1995 ) was born in October in Linyin, Shandong Province  China.



He joined the Chinese Communist Party.


Assigned as secretary to General He Long in the 120th division of the 8th Army of the road,


he initiated himself to the engraving on Wood, to trace the daily life of those around him.



His woodcut series The 129th Division of The Eight Route Army includes 42 engravings.




He was transferred to the border area of Jinsui, then in North-West of Shanxi,


as head of the artistic team of the Xinlua Daily.




He created the first series of postage stamps with a portrait of Mao.



He was named  the Chairman of the Sichuan artists Association.



He organized the construction of the Sichuan museum with its own Art gallery.


With his artist friends Li Hua, Gu Yuan, Yan Han, Li Qun and Wang Qi, they appealed


to artists to donate a large number of their works.


4000 works were thus gathered for the collection of the museum.



Li Shaoyan died on 11 January, at the Huaxi Hospital of the University of Sichuan,


at the age of 84 years.


Danièle Sicard


 Li Shaoyan  李少言 - 向往  -  木刻  -  1956

Li Shaoyan  李少言  -  向往  -  木刻  -  1956


© Li Shaoyan  李少言  -  破路  -  局部 -  1957

Li Shaoyan  李少言  -  破路  -  局部  -  1957


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