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Li Guijun




 Li Guijun  李贵君  -   portrait  -  chinesenewart




Li Guijun was born in Beijing, China.


He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, in Beijing.
  ( Oil Painting Department )
  He continued his studies.


He graduated with a Master's degree in Art.

( Oil Painting Department )


His classic and realistic representations of young Chinese women


in their domestic world, made him known.


Beyond the portraits, he depicts the new role of women in China.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard


  Exhibitions  selection


 21.05  Li uijun  Solo exhibition  High Step Factory Warehouse  798  Beijing  China


12.04 06.05  Lifelike Portraits  Triumph Art Space  Beijing  China


The 9th Anniversary Exhibition Of China Realism Oil Painting  NAMOC  Beijing  China


12.04 30.08  Experiencing Simplicity  Long Museum Shanghai  China


10.01 20.01  The Achievements Exhibition Of Oil Painting Academy Of China 2013


21 Space Art Museum  Dongguan  China


02.11 01.12  Li Guijun  Solo exhibition  Long Museum  Shanghai  China



 Li Guijun  李贵君  -  A Day in May  -  Oil on canvas.

Li Guijun  李贵君  -  A Day in May  -  Oil on canvas.


 Li Gui jun - Paintings 1993-2002  

Li Gui Jun   

 Schoeni Art Gallery


Paintings 1993 - 2002

Hong Kong  2002


texts  :  Gao Quanxi, Zhu Di, Yang Feiyun,


Guan Shan, Cai Hong, Li Guijun.

  in chinese  in english  

34,8 cm x 26 cm


176 p


isbn 10  :  9628508857


isbn 13  :  978-9628508853  



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