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Liane Chu




Liane Chu  朱丽晴 -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Liane Chu  朱丽晴  pinyin Zhu Liqing


Liane Chu  朱丽晴 was born in Hong Kong, China.


She was interested in painting and drawing from childhood.

  She studied in Shanghai.


She moved to the United States.

She continued her studies at the University of Hong Kong.

  ( Creative Media - Media and Communication )

Danièle Sicard




                               Liane Chu                                                                           



Liane Chu  朱丽晴 - drawing

Liane Chu  朱丽晴  -  Drawing


Liane Chu  朱丽晴 - Dessin

Liane Chu  朱丽晴  -  Drawing



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