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Lam Wong




 Lam Wong and Zheng Shengtian - portrait  -  chinesenewart





Lam Wong  王艺林  pinyin Wang Yilin



Lam Wong was born in  Xiamen, Fujian Province, in China, in an artistic family.


His father was calligrapher and his mother, pianist.



He went to live in Hong Kong.


He moved to Canada and study ( Design, History of Art and Painting ) first in Alberta,


then in British Columbia.




He lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


02.09 27.09  Lam Wong 21 Elements  solo exhibition  Arts Council Gallery  New


Westminster British Columbia  Canada


12.01 23.03  Mind Transition  solo exhibition  Canton-sardine  Vancouver  British


Columbia  Canada




© Lam Wong 王艺林 -  Painting

Lam Wong  王艺林  -  Painting



Lam Wong




Lam Wong 王艺林 -  Painting

Lam Wong  王艺林  -  Painting



© Lam Wong   Mind Transition  意念轉換  -  12.01 23.03 2019  Canton-sardine  Vancouver  -  poster

Mind Transition  意念轉換  -  Lam Wong  王藝林  -  12.01 23.03 2019  Canton-sardine  Vancouver  -  poster   




Lam Wong 王艺林  -  Mind Transition  意念轉換  - Canton-sardine  Vancouver  -  2019

Lam Wong  王艺林  -  Mind Transition  意念轉換  - Canton-sardine  Vancouver  -  2019



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