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Ian Teh




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Ian Teh  暗流  pinyin An Liu


Ian Teh, a renowned photographer, was born in Malaysia.


He moved with his family to the United Kingdom, when he was twelve.


He studied Art at the University of Bath.


He graduated with a Bachelor in Art ( graphic design ).



He was one of the six candidates selected for the prestigious Masterclass Joop Swart


taking place during the World Press Photo in Amsterdam.


Throught his series, Ian Teh, denounced the Negative Aspects of China's Growth,


and the consequences of its flourishing economy.

1999 / 2003

The Vanishing : Altered Landscapes and Displaced Lives shows the devastating impact


of the Three Gorges Dam on the  Yangtze river in China.



2006 / 2008

Dark Clouds reflect urban pollution due to intensive industrialization.



2007 / 2008

Tainted Landscapes points to pollution by the coal industry.




Traces emphasizes the disappearance of landscapes.




The literary magazine Granta published a 10-years retrospective of his work in China

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  United States  
Hood Museum   Hanover

Museum of Fine Arts



Howard Stein Collection


Los AngelesCounty of Modern Art ( L.A.C.M.A. )

Los Angeles

Open Society Foundations

  He lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

Danièle Sicard


© Ian Teh  暗流

© Ian Teh  暗流  -  Merging boundaries  


Ian Teh




© Ian Teh  暗流

©  Ian Teh  暗流  -  KTV. Sino Russian North-Korean Tri-border. Hunchun  China  2002


© Ian Teh  暗流  

Undercurrents  -  Ian Teh

Timezone 8

  catalogue in chinese, in english



19,5 cm x 28 cm


196 p


© Ian Teh  暗流


Ian Teh  -  Traces

Dep Sleep Editions


essay : the New Yorker


China correspondent Evan Osnos


24 cm x 30,2 cm


34 plates


64 p


isbn : 978 1 906412 42 5  




© Ian Teh  暗流

©  Ian Teh  -  Traces : dark clouds
Exhibition of Photography 15.01 15.02 2017
Asia Centers Lounge CGIS South  Cambridge MA - USA



© Ian Teh  暗流

© Ian Teh  暗流  -  Merging boundaries



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