Chinese artists by Michel Nau - He Qin  何琴   





He Qin




He Qin  何琴 was born in China.


For several years, she was interested in Music, English literature, Fashion,


and then the English language.



She went to the United Kingdom to study fashion at Kingston University in London.


Disappointed, she gave up the following year to turn to photography.


After two years of intensive work in the darkroom, she managed to express herself


fully through photography. Her path was found.


Danièle Sicard



He Qin  何琴  -  Portrait  -  photograph

He Qin  何琴  -  Portrait  -  photograph  


He Qin  何琴 -  Body  -  photograph

He Qin  何琴  -  Body  -  photograph


He Qin  何琴 -  photographs 1997-99  

何琴  He Qin  

Creative Monochrome Ltd


Photographs 1997-99

Croydon  UK


28,5 cm x 24 cm



80 p


    " At Kingston University, I deciced to make " The Body " the suject  
      of my final project. but it was difficult to find suitable models and  
      so, at an early stage, I used of my own body to experiment with  

    the lighting ideas and the image design.These " experiments "

      enabled me to explore my ideas about photography as a medium  
      for drawing and painting with light."  
      He Qin  


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