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Helena Wong




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Helena Wong ( 1938 - 1990 ) was born in Beijing  China.



Suffering from a rheumatic disease that forced her to immobility, she copîed


Chinese prints, to ocupy her time.


She entered the Shanghai Long Rainbow Academy, to study calligraphy,


and traditional painting.



With her family, she moved to Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.



She joined the School of Music and Fine Arts of Parana.



She was naturalized Brazilian.


She began to participate in exhibitions :


XVI th Modern Art Salon of Belo Horizonte


Modern Art Salon of Sao Paulo



VII th Biennial of Sao Paulo


Porto Alegre Salon


She won the first Drawing Prize at the Porto Alegre Salon and at the Contemporary Arts


Museum of the University of São Paulo..



She began to engrave with Ivan Serpa, at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro


and held her first solo exhibition, in Santa Rosa Gallery, Rio de Janeiro. ( 1963 )


Painter, designer, her works participated in many National and international exhibitions  


in Brazil and abroad : Argentina, Austria, France, Great-Britain, United States.



Her health deteriorating, she returned to Curitiba where she died in 1990.



The Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba paid tribute to her with the exhibition :


Helena Wong - the trajectory of a passion.


Danièle Sicard



Helena Wong


Helena Wong



 Helena Wong


Helena Wong - exhibition catalogue  M.A.C. Säo Paulo  -  Brazil  

Helena Wong


Obras recentes


exhibition catalogue 16/12/1965 au M.A.C.


Säo Paulo university Museum -  Brazil


19 cm x17 cm

  4 p  


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