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Fu Xiaoying




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Fu Xiaoying  傅小英 was born in Ji'an, in Jiangsi Province, China.



She studied at Jiangxi Normal University.
  ( Fine Arts Department )


After graduating, she taught at China's Jinggangshan Normal School.




She went to the United States, at the invitation of Johnson County Community


College, to give lessons and she organized several exhibitions.


She appointed  Vice-Professor and Deputy-Director of Guangzhou University


and Commerce.
  In her paintings, ( characters, flowers of the mountain and especially the lotus )
  she seeks the balance between Art and the beauty of nature.

Danièle Sicard




exhibitions  selection


13.02 18.02  Art Capital  Grand Palais  Paris  France



Fu Xiaoying  傅小英

Fu Xiaoying  傅小英  -  My Parents


© Fu Xiaoying  傅小英  -  Spring Coming Back

Fu Xiaoying  傅小英  -  Spring Coming Back  


Xiaoying FU  傅小英 Rythme de couleur orientale  

Xiaoying FU  傅小英


Rythme de couleur orientale


展览  巴黎大皇宫  中国画作品


catalogue 20 cm x 20 cm

  in chinese french english  

16 p



Fu Xiaoying  et Michel Nau

Fu Xiaoying 傅小英  et Michel Nau


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