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Fan Yifu




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Fan Yifu  范一夫  was born in Beijing, China.


His father Fan Zeng  ( 1938 - ) was a renowned painter and calligrapher.



He studied traditional painting of animals and characters with the painter

  Liu Jiyou ( 1918-1983 )

When he reached the age of majority, he continued his apprenticeship with


his father, a famous master of character painting, who also taught him poetry


and calligraphy.



He went to Japan, his mother's native country.


He studied for three years, the Japanese language and the history of Oriental Art.



He moved to France, and settled in Paris.


He began to paint landscapes and then calligraphies with regular writing.


He realized the calligraphy of several works by Lisa Bresner for Acte Sud Junior



His works were exhibited in France: Paris, and Osaka, Japan.



He returned to China to travel across the country.

  He lives and works in Paris  France.

Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


04.06 17.07  en quête de la source aux fleurs de pêcher Solo exhibition  


Sinitude Gallery  Paris  France


03.03 03.09  Sous les pins embrumés  Solo exhibition   


 Asian Art Museum  Toulon  France


12.04 23.06  Les Monts enneigés de Fan Yifu   Solo exhibition  


Sinitude Gallery  Paris  France


10.01 20.01  Mountains and Seas  Solo exhibition


 Nationa Art Museum of China NAMOC  Beijing  China




Fan Yifu  范一夫

Fan Yifu  范一夫  -  Ville de montagne, les chemins se penchent,
et je respire l'arôme des fleurs d'abricotier
encre et couleurs sur papier  -  2005


 Fan Yifu  范一夫 en quête de la source aux fleurs de pêcher 2004  

en quête de la source aux fleurs de pêcher


peintures de fan yifu


text : Dong Qiang


exhibition catalogue  from 04.06 to 17. 07 2004


in french in chinese


galerie Sinitude  Paris


22 cm x 22,4 cm


isbn  :  2 9518537 2 6

© Fan Yifu  范一夫  

"Sous les pins embrumés"


Paysages de Fan Yifu


texts : Guillemette Coulomb


Priscilla Fougères-Salazar


exhibition catalogue  from  03.03  to 03.09 2006


Musée des Arts Asiatiques  Toulon


in french


28 cm x 22 cm

  24 p  

isbn  :  2 905076 52 6



Fan Yifu  范一夫 Les montagnes s'enchaînent...  2005

Fan Yifu  范一夫  -  Les montagnes s'enchaînent,
véritable paravent où s'entrevoit l'éternité
encre et couleurs sur papier  -  2005



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