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Ding Jie




© Ding Jie  丁杰    portrait  -  chinesenewart



Director of the China Artists Association
Secretary General of the China Arts Committee
Member of the Chinese Painting Arts Committee


Ding Jie was born in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, in China.


After studying at Haimen Normal University in Jiangsu Province, he entered


the Nanjing Normal University ( Fine Arts department ). Graduated, he joined 


the Central Academy of Fine Arts ( Chinese painting department ).



He won the Outstanding Art Award at the 14th World Youth Festival, in Cuba.


Solo exhibitions  selection


In China


China Art Museum


Jiangsu Art Museum


Anhui Province Museum


Nantong Museum


Hunan Museum




Cuba, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand.

  He participated in numerous National and International exhibitions.

Danièle Sicard


© Ding Jie  丁杰 - 白云白鸟在其间 190 cm x 80 cm

Ding Jie  丁杰  -  白云白鸟在其间  -  190 cm x 80 cm


© Ding Jie  丁杰  丁杰  国务院西山藏画  丁杰作品选   





Ding Jie Zuo Pin Xuan


21 cm x 28 cm

  in chinese  

40 p



© Ding Jie  丁杰  - 万山红遍  244 cm x 86 cm

Ding Jie  丁杰  -  万山红遍  -  244 cm x 86 cm  



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