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Dai Dunbang




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Deputy Director of the Comic Strip Arts Committee, Association of Chinese Artists.
Deputy Director of China Connected Arts Associationciation
Director of Shanghai Lianyi Association



Dai Dunbang was born in Shanghai, en Chine.

  His family is native from Jiangsu Province.

He studied at the first Normal School in Shanghai.


After graduating,  he was editor in two newspapers for the youth.




He joined the Research Bureau at the Shanghai Institute of Arts and Crafts.




He taught at the Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.



He was appointed Deputy Director of the Office of Research on Art, Shanghai
Jiao Tong University.




Painter, he became famous as :


- comics illustrator.


He won the 3rd Price of the creation of Comics  ( 1962 )


- books illustrator ( classical works, Chinese poems  ) :


He won the 2nd Prize of Creation for the English version -The Dream of Red Mansions ( 1980 )



He founded the comics magazine Lianbo.


Danièle Sicard


© Dai Dunbang  戴敦邦   -  Dans l'estuaire vogue le navire

Dai Dunbang  戴敦邦  -  Dans l'estuaire vogue le navire


© Dai Dunbang  戴敦邦


Quand mon âme vagabonde en ces anciens royaumes

la Cerise


Poèmes Songs illustrés par Dai Dunbang



- Poèmes Songs illustrés par Dai Dunbang 2018



translation :  Bertrand Goujard


  in chinese in french  

28 cm x 28 cm


136 p


isbn  :  978 2 918596 08 0



© Dai Dunbang  戴敦邦 -  Sur l'air de - Les lotus loin des rives.

Dai Dunbang  戴敦邦  -  Sur l'air de " Les lotus loin des rives "  



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