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Chin-San Long




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Chin-San Long  郎静山  pinyin  Lang Jingshan


Chin-San Long  郎静山 ( 1892 - 1995 )  was born on August 4, in the small town of Chingo  


( later called Huai'an ), in Jiangsu Province, China.


His family is native of Lanxi, in Zhejiang Province.



He learned photography thanks to his military father who brought him photographs


from his travels and made him give lessons at the age of twelve.



He studied painting and photography in a school of Shanghai.

1928 / 1937

He entered the Eastern Times as a photo journalist, and joined the first Photography


Association in China.



He taught photography lessons at Songjiang Girls Secondary School in Shanghai. 


A pioneer of photography, he published the first album of photographs of nudes,


and presented his works in two exhibitions at the Royal Photographic Society and


in the premises of the Eastern Times.



Publication of his book : Techniques of Composite pictures, on the development


of composite photos, his own technique.



He settled in Taiwan.



He was appointed Director of the Photography Association of China.


He continued his career as a teacher of photography, at the Taiwan Academy of Arts


and presented his works in individual exhibitions and photographic fairs around


the world.



He visited the Kodak factories in the United States.



He was cited as one of the top 10 photographers by the Photographic Association


of America.



13.05 06.06 Chin-San Long exhibition  Musée Galerie de la Seita  France


The same year he was the guest of honor of the International Rencontres Internationales d'Arles




01.04 31.04 Chin San Long exhibition  Galerie du Château d'eau  Toulouse France


A great retrospective was hold in Sydney, Australia.



On April 13, he passed away at the age of 104, in Taipei  Taiwan.


Since his death, a Chin-San Long Prize is awarded annually by the Association of Chinese


artistic photographers and exhibitions dedicated to him..



exhibitions in Munich and Kiel, Germany.


The Hidden Glamour : Chin-San Long  The Visual Arts Center  Taipei  Taiwan.



18.04 25.05 Beauty Of All Times : memorial exhibition National Museum of History  Taipei Taiwan


11.10 30.10  Distant Melody from quiet Mountains National Art Museum Of China.  

The artist's daughter donated 134 works to the N.A.M.O.C.


Danièle Sicard



Chin-San Long  郎静山-  Meditation  -  1928

Chin-San Long  郎静山  -  Meditation  -  1928


Chin-San Long  郎静山 -  Mooring in the Misty River at Night  -  1937

Chin-San Long  郎静山  -  Mooring in the Misty River at Night  -  1937


Chin-San Long  郎静山 Photographies  

Chin-San Long  -  Photographies

European Language publication Ltd


Association française pour le développement


culturel et scientifique en Asie


text : Michel Deverge


catalogue 24 cm x 22,9 cm

  in french  
  68 p  




Chin-San Long  郎静山 - catalogue of the exhibition on April 1983  

Chin San Long


catalogue of the exhibition April 1983


Galerie municipale du château d'eau


Place Laganne  Toulouse


catalogue 21 cm x 21 cm


20 p



Chin-San Long  郎静山 -  donation to the National Library  13.05 06.06 1981  -  musée-galerie de la Seita Text : Jean-Claude Lemagny Curator at the National Library Print office

Chin-San Long  -  donation to the National Library
13.05 06.06 1981  -  musée-galerie de la Seita
Text: Jean-Claude Lemagny
Curator at the National Library Print office



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