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Chen Jing




© Chen Jing  陈婧  portrait  -  chinesenewart





Chen Jing was born in Beijing, China.


She entered the Fine Arts High School, in Beijing.




She studied interior architecture.


After four years studying German at the Goethe Institute in Beijing, she went


to France, to learn French at the Catholic University of Angers.



She entered the School of Fine Arts in Versailles.


She participated in the 22nd Edition ( 2014 ) and the 24th Edition ( 2016 ) of L'Art Cheval  


Bovet-Ladubay Contemporary Art Center Angers.



She is a multidisciplinary graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Versailles.

  She lives and works in France.

Danièle Sicard


© Chen Jing  陈婧  -  Engraving  -  printed on fabric  -  2015

Chen Jing  陈婧  -  Engraving  -  printed on fabric  -  2015



Chen Jing




© Chen Jing  陈婧  -  Painting  -  2010

Chen Jing  陈婧  -  Painting  -  2010



Chen Jing with Michel Nau   -  chinesenewart

Chen Jing with Michel Nau  



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