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Chen Hui




 Chen Hui  陈辉  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Founding member of the Chinese Painting Society

Researcher at the China National Academy of Painting



Chen Hui was born in Hefei, Anhui Province, in China.



He graduated from the Central College of Arts & Design.

  He began teaching.
  His works won many awards and kept in collections  :

National Art Museum of China -  Zhejiang Art Museum - Beijing Fine Arts




He is now Professor in Academy of  Arts and Design of Tsinghua Univerity,

  and a Ph.D supervisor.

Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection
  1rst Beijing International Biennial  Beijing  China

Golden Color Award  2nd National Exhibition of Chinese Art


10th National Exhibition  Beijing  China


22nd Beijing International Biennial  Beijing  China


Shenzhen Ink Painting Biennial  Shenzhen  China


5th Chengdu Biennial  Chengdu  China


11st Zhengzhou Ink and Wash Painting  Zhengzhou  China



 Chen Hui  陈辉   -  皖南烟雨  -  ink

Chen Hui  陈辉  -  皖南烟雨  -  ink


 Chen Hui  陈辉    - 天清月白 -  ink

Chen Hui  陈辉  -  天清月白  -  ink  


 Chen Hui  陈辉  -  桂林云影 -  ink -

Chen Hui  陈辉  -  桂林云影  -  ink



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