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Member of the International Parliament of Writers
Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters



Bei Dao 北岛, poet and novelist, whose name is Zhao Zhenkai, was born on August 2


in Beijing, China.


His father was a corporate director and his mother was a doctor.


After high school, he joined the Red Guards, then he worked eleven years in the building,


while writing.



He completed his novel Waves, which will be published five years later, in the magazine


Jintian.( Today )


1978 / 1980

He founded with his friend the poet Mang Ke, the magazine Jintian in which the group of


poets, in reaction against the restrictions of the Cultural Revolution, nicknamed Misty Poets :


Bei Dao 北岛 , Duo Duo 多多, Gu Cheng 顾城 , Mang Ke 芒克Shu Ting 舒婷, Yan Liang 杨炼


will publish, until its prohibition.



He published two news : Among the ruins and The return of the Father.
  He began to write poems.


During theTian'anmen Square protests, he was at a literary conference in Berlin,


and he was no allowed to return in China, because he was accused of inciting revolt


with his poem The Answer. 回答


During his forced exile, he travelled in Norway, in Oslo; in Sweden, in Stockholm;


in Denmark, in Arhus; in Holland in Leyden. he lived three months in France, in Paris.


He went to the United States, in Michigan, and in California, where his wife and his daughter 

  joined him.
  He participated in the Cycle "Great Reading" in Pompidou Centre.


22. 03 à 19h30 ( 1h30 ). Cycle "Grande lecture" : Bei Dao. Paroles.


Small room - Pompidou Centre, Paris France.



He was allowed to return to China.



He created the Hong Kong International Poetry Nights and published two books of poetry,


contemporary poets from around the world: The Red Fox Series and In the Mirror Series



Following his vascular stroke, he began painting countless ink points.


24.05 31.08  Moment  solo exhibition  Gallery Paris Horizon  Paris France
  He lives in Hong Kong, in China.

Danièle Sicard



Two collections of poetry were published in French at Circe editions :


Au bord du ciel ( 1995 ) et Paysage au-dessus de zéro ( 2004 ).


Awards selection


The Tucholsky Prize from Swedish PEN


The PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award   ( 1990 )


The Golden Wreath Award of the Struga International Poetry Festival ( 2015 )



Bei Dao 北岛  -  Moment  -  Ink on paper

Bei Dao  北岛  -  Moment  -  Ink on paper


 Bei Dao 北岛 -  Moment 03  -  Ink on paper  -  2013

 Bei Dao  北岛  -  Moment 03  -  Ink on paper  -  2013


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 Bei Dao 北岛- Bei Dao reads from The Rose of Time: New and Selected Poems>

Bei Dao reads from "The Rose of Time: New and Selected Poems"



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