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Zheng Shengtian




Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Managing Editor of Yishu, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art
Director of the Vancouver Art Gallery
President of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Artists in Vancouver
Secretary of the Annie Wong Art Foundation
Co-Founder of the Vancouver International Center for Contemporary Asian Art ( Center A )


Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天  was born in Luoshanxian, Henan Province  China.



After graduating from the Zhejiang Academy of Art, he joined the studio of Dong Xiwen,


in C.A.F.A.



He studied in University of Minnesota, United States.


He taught in San Diego State University, California for one year.


Back in China, he was Professor in Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou.
  ( Oil Painting department )
  - As an Artist, his works are exhibited in China, United States, Canada and Russia.

- As an Editor, he collaborated in periodicals and wrote on Art.


Selected Writing on Art ( 4 volumes ) were published by China Academy of Art Press


- As an Curator, he organized many exhibitions.


14.10 16.01 Shanghai Modern Museum Villa Stuck, Munich Germany


The Shanghai Biennial Shanghai China


Reincarnation  Toronto  Canada


05.09 11.01 Art and China's Revolution from 1958 through 1970s  Asia Society Museum


New York, United States


17.03 18.04 Yellow Signal: New Media in China  Centre A ( Vancouver International Centre


for Contemporary Asian Art ) Canada


27.04 19.08 The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, British Columbia University.


A special issue of the Chinese contemporary Art magazine : Yishu, of which he is


the Director, accompanied the project.



Awards  selection


Lifetime Achievement Award for his curatorial work ( 2009 )


Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Emily Carr University of Art and Design ( 2013 )


Danièle Sicard


Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天 - Girl and Cactus  1964

Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天 - Girl and Cactus  1964


Painting Mao's Portrait on billboards  1967 © Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天

Painting Mao's Portrait on billboards  1967
 ©  Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天


 Zheng Shengtian  1967 © Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天

Zheng Shengtian  1967  
©  Zheng Shengtian


Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天 - Overseas Pantings by Zheng Shengtian 1985  


Shandong Art Galler


Overseas Pantings by Zheng Shengtian



catalogue in chinese


Zheng Shengtian  郑胜天 - Works by Zheng Shengtian and Wang Dongling 2013  

Guan Shan Gathering

Chambers Fine Art


Works by Zheng Shengtian and Wang Dongling



essai : Zheng Shengtian



catalogue of the exhibtion in english in chinese

  illustrations in colour  

52 p



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