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Zhao Yixiong




Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄 - portrait  -  chinesenewart


Member of the Chinese Artists Association


Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄  was born in Beijing, China.




Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (oil painting department ),


he was assigned to the Centre for Fine Arts.




He was seconded to the Museum of History and went on a study trip on the Silk Road,


in Xinjiang, in Turfan and up to Kashgar,



Exhibition of 32 paintings on silk at the Art Museum of China.



With Geng Yukun, they went to Japan, to organize conferences in a dozen cities
  and the exhibiition : Silk Road at the Setagaya Art Museum.


They set off again to explore the North Silk road.

Danièle Sicard


Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄

              Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄  -  Camels in Desert
Oil on canvas


Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄 - 1980  

Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄



text :Wu Guangzhong

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Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄 -  A Road to Tian Mountain Oil on canvas

                   Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄  -  A Road to Tian Mountain
Oil on canvas


Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄 - Landscape Oil on canvas

Zhao Yixiong  赵以雄  -  Landscape 
Oil on canvas



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