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Zhang Zhenggang




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Member of Chinese Artists Association
Director of Chinese Oil Painting Association



Zhang Zhenggang was born in Shanghai, China.



He studied oil painting in China Art Academy



He graduated from department of fine art in PLA ( People's Liberation Army ) Art School. 


He took part to numerous Chinese Art exhibitions in Japan and Italy ( 1990 ), in Japan


and Germany ( 1994 ), to the First Shanghai Biennial exhibition ( 1996 ).


He moved to live in Shanghai and became Professor in Shanghai Academy of Painting,


and Sculpture.



12.04 30.08 Experiencing Simplicity - Realistic Paintings From Long Collection  Long Museum


His works are collected in the National Art Museum of China


He lives and works in Shanghai, China.


Danièle Sicard


© Zhang Zhenggang  张正刚

©  Zhang Zhenggang  张正刚 - 布列亚特的召唤 - 1992


© Zhang Zhenggang  张正刚

©  Zhang Zhenggang  - In the Afternoon - oïl on canvas  1993


© Zhang Zhenggang  张正刚

©  Zhang Zhenggang  张正刚 - 随着秋夜的风 - 1992



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