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Zhang Guiming




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Director of the Chinese Painting Art Committee of the Shanghai Artists Association
Member of the Chinese Artists  Association

Committee Member of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles



Zhang Guiming  张桂铭 was born in Shaoxing, in Zhejiang Province, China.



Graduated from the Zhejiang Art Institute, actually Institute of Fine Arts from China


( Chinese Painting Department ), he entered the Chinese Painting Academy from




Guest Professor at the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University and School of Arts


and Design in University of Shanghai for Science & Technology.



On September 22, he died suddenly at the age of 75.


His funeral took place in Shanghai on September 30.


No individual exhibition during his lifetime. He planned to hold one for his 80th birthday.


Danièle Sicard

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 Zhang Guiming 张桂铭 


Zhang Guiming 张桂铭 


Zhang Guiming 张桂铭 



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