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Zhang Daqian




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Zhang Daqian  张大千 , original name Zhang Yuan (1899-1983 ) also called Jiyuan, was


born on May 19, in Neijiang, Sichuan Province  China.



He joined his brother in Japan to study textile dyeing at the Kokei School in Kyoto.




Back in China, he moved to Shanghai where he taught in a school then, for three months,


he became a Buddhist monk under the name of Daqian.




He was a student of calligrapher Zeng Xi who named him Jiyuan ( he will keep this name


to sign his paintIngs ), then Li Ruiqing.




He was a member of the Committee of the First National Art Exhibition.


He participated in the First Chinese Painting Exhibition, Musée du Jeu de Paume, Paris



He travelled a lot in China, and held exhibitions.




First exhibition in Beijing.


He was a professor at National Central University in Nanjing.



When war broke out in Japan, he returned to Sichuan Province.



He set out to explore the Dunhuang caves and made a detailed inventory of them


and with the help of his family, artists and monks, he copied the paintings Buddhist


murals, for more than two years.



He organized two exhibitions :


exhibition of frescoes copied by Zhang Daqian  Chengdu


exhibition of paintings by  Zhang Daqian  Chongqing



He left China to give lectures in India, and stayed in the Ajanta caves.


1952 / 1977

He travelled the world: Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, United States, Japan, Sweden,




He met the artists : ( Pablo Picasso 1956 )


He was experimenting with their techniques. ( Action painting )


His paintings in splashed ink and colored ink, tending to abstraction, show the


evolution of his style .




He was named Best Contemporary Artist in the World by the International Fine Arts   


Association, in New York.


1960 / 1970

Numerous exhibitions :  London ( 1965 ), Hong Kong, São Paulo ( 1966 ) Art Museum


of Stanford University  United States,Taipei ( 1967 ), New York, Chicago ( 1968 )


Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Taipei ( 1969 ) San Francisco ( 1970  ).



A retrospective of his works was organized in the Young Museum San Francisco.



He settled to Taipei,  Taiwan.


He passed away, on Apriil, at the age of 84.
  His residence Moye Jianshe was transformed in Memory Museum : Zhang Daqian


He was the number 1 in the world auction ranking.


12.10 09.11  Zhang Daqian the Master  Solo exhibition Hong Kong  China


( 60 Paintings from private collections and from the artist's family.)


Danièle Sicard



 Zhang Daqian  张大千



 Zhang Daqian  张大千


 Zhang Daqian  张大千 and Picasso - Cannes July 1956

Zhang Daqian  张大千
and Picasso - Cannes July 1956


Zhang Daqian  张大千 - Chang Dai-Chien  -  Grosvenor Gallery - 1965  

Chang Dai-Chien  -  Grosvenor Gallery



introduction  :  Basil Gray


exhibition catalogue 10.08 04.09 1965


Grosvenor Gallery  London


in english


20 cm x 21 cm


24 p

 Zhang Daqian  张大千6 Zhang Daqian's Album of Landscape of Mount Huang  

梅潔樓藏畫  -  大千黄山册



Zhang Daqian's Album of

Hong Kong


Landscape of Mount Huang


text : Lang Shaojun


translation  Catherine Mausley


Portfolio 12 leaves of landscape

  in chinese in english  


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