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Yu Jiantao




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Member of Dalian Artists Association


Yu Jiantao was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province, in Northeast China.


He spent his first ten years in the countryside where his parents were forced to work,


then returns to his port city.


Self-taught artist, his watercolors:the scenery of the sea, boats, expressing loneliness


and melancholy are a reflection of his personality.



He settled in Beijing and began painting the hutongs.
  exhibitions  sélection


29.10 07.11  solo exhibition  Wan Fung Art Gallery  Beijing Chine.


14.03 24.04  Palette of Serenity  solo exhibition  Wan Fung Art Gallery  Hong Kong

  He lives and works in Beijing, China.

Danièle Sicard


© Yu Jiantao  于建涛

© Yu Jiantao  于建涛 - 丽江小巷



Wan Fung Art Gallery  Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong




© Yu Jiantao  于建涛

© Yu Jiantao  于建涛 - 乌镇


© Yu Jiantao  于建涛  

Selected Watercolor Works by Yu Jiantao

Wan Fung Art Gallery

  catalog in chinese, in english  

28,5 cm x 21cm

  18 p  


© Yu Jiantao  于建涛

© Yu Jiantao  于建涛 - 午后晴转多云



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