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Xu Shanxun




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Chairman of Jilin Artists Association
Curator of Hujiang Art Museum
Academic Member of Shanghai University of Science and Technology


Xu Shanxun  徐善循  was born in December, in Nong'an County, Jilin Province  China.



He graduated from Northeast Normal University.


( Art Department )




He moved to Shanghai and taught at the University's School of Art and Design


of Shanghai for science and technology.


His works participated in the travelling exhibition of Chinese paintings in Europe,


the First National  exhibition of Small Watercolours and the International exhibition


of ink paintings  in South Korea. They were, also the subject of a Solo exhibition,


 at the Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum China : Voice on Paper - Xu Shanxun.



16.06 21.06   Toutes choses en un  Solo Exhibition  Cultural Center les Amis des Nouvelles

  d'Europe  Gentilly  France

Danièle Sicard



 Xu Shanxun  徐善循



Xu Shanxun  徐善循


Xu Shanxun  徐善循  

Xu Shanxun  徐善循



The Collection of Xu Shanxun's Paintings



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