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Xie Yuning




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Xie Yuning  解雨凝 was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in Northeast of China.



After graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing ( Sculpture department )

  she continued her studies to obtain a Master's degree.

An apprenticeship in Jingdezhen, the world capital of porcelain located in the Southeast


of China, made her discover the particular technique of engraving Liao Ke to manufacture


Porcelain painting.



She chose to use it for her five installations on black ceramics, engraved with white lines,


First exhibition in France :


23.04 14.05  Le Monde Saha  Liusa Wang gallery  Paris.


Danièle Sicard




Xie Yuning  解雨凝



Xie Yuning  解雨凝



Xie Yuning  解雨凝 - Le Monde Saha - 23.04 14.05 2015  Galerie Liusa Wang  Paris  -  poster

Xie Yuning  解雨凝 - Le Monde Saha  -  23.04 14.05 2015  Galerie Liusa Wang  Paris



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