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Wu Zuoren




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President of the Association of Chinese Artists
Dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China
Vice-President of the National Federation of Literature and Arts



Wu  Zuoren   吴作人  ( 1908-2003 ) was born on november 3 in Suzhou, Jiangsu


Province  China.



He entered the University of Arts in Shanghai, then the Academy of Nanguo.




He studied at the National Central University, under the leadership of Xu Beihong.




He came to study in France at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, then in Belgium


at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts.



1935 / 1943

Back in China, he married Xiao Shufang ( 1911-2005 ) an artist, flowers painter.


He was appointed professor at the Faculty of Arts of the Central University of Nanjing,


and then he was transferred to Chongqing.



After a trip to the border regions, he turned to Indian ink.



He travelled to Beijing with his wife and Xu Beihong, to rebuild the National ArtsCollege


and then held numerous conferences and exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Great Britain


and several Chinese cities.



He held various positions at C.A.F.A. : Teacher then Dean.



He was appointed Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government.



He received the Medal of the Crown, from the King of Belgium.



He died of illness, on April 9, in Beijing, at the age of 89.



For the 5th anniversary of his death, 70 of his works were on display at the Nation


Century Monument in Beijing.



Great Retrospective Wu Zuoren  Palace of Fine Arts  Shanghai, for the 95th anniversary


of his birth.


Danièle Sicard



Wu Zuoren  吴作人 -  Two pandas under the bamboos -  ink painting on paper  ©   Cernuschi Museum  Paris

Wu Zuoren  吴作人  -  Two pandas under the bamboos -  ink painting on paper  ©   Cernuschi Museum  Paris


The Art of Wu Zuoren >  

The Art of Wu Zuoren

Zheng Jingwen


in chinese in english



96 p

Foreign Languages Press






Le peintre Wu Zuoren 1908 - 1997


Le peintre Wu Zuoren 1908 - 1997


texts  : Zhao Jinjun, François Lebel, Lü Jun,


Gilles Béguin, Xiao Shufang


catalogue of the exhibition  20.10 15.12 2003


Town Hall of the 8 th arrondissement  Paris

  in french  

21 cm x 17,6 cm


104 p



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