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Wu Yuntong




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Wu Yuntong was born in Jiangxi Province, in South-East of China.




She graduated with a bachelor degree in Arts, ( B.F.A ) from the San Francisco Art


Institute, in California.



She obtained her M.F.A. from the Art studio of the San Francisco Institute of Art.


As an interdisciplinary artist, she practices painting, installations, ceramic.


My works investigate the network of ideas that shape our mutual understandings


towards the metaphysical, psychological mechanisms, philosophical enquiries,


and our deep historical relations with this planet and the cosmos.

  Wu Yuntong

She lives and works in San Francisco  bay area.


Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


Courtyard Exhibition  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA United States.


Water and Wild  Book and Job Gallery  San Francisco  United States.


Contemplations of the Infinite  International Art Museum  San Francisco  United States.



                                 Wu Yuntong                                                             



Wu Yuntong



 Wu Yuntong



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